Cody Builds A Business Podcast
The Cody Builds a Business Podcast documents my journey of starting a 7-figure business from scratch. When I started the show in April 2018, I literally had 0 influence and followers online. My email list consisted of roughly 30 customers from my digital marketing agency, Red Anchor Marketing.

So the podcast documents the journey from completely unknown to 7 figures.

Thanks for joining me!
Episode Guide
Ep. 001: 5 Lessons Learned in First Year of Entrepreneurship
Summary - I look back on the first 12 months of being on my own.
Ep. 017: Start Your Business For Less Than $100
Summary - How I built my business to over 6 figures within 5 months off an initial budget of $100
Ep. 030: The Danger of "How It's Always Been Done"
Summary - Why do we do the things we do? Do we even know?
Ep. 090: Get Rich, Not Famous
Summary - We're far too obsessed with growing our influence (hand up) when we should be more concerned with being profitable.
Ep. 096: On Entrepreneurial Parenting Featuring My Wife (Christy Burch)
Summary - My wife and fellow entrepreneur parent and I jam on what it's like to raise awesome kids and run awesome companies.
Ep. 100: The Journey So Far - 1st 100 Episodes
Summary - Lessons learned from recording 100 podcast episodes.
Sunday Conversations
Every Sunday I release a special episode with awesome people who are way smarter than I am. These are quickly becoming my most popular episodes.
Want to be a guest on the show?
I'm always looking for interesting people...
In December 2018, to celebrate 100 Episodes I opened up a new format for the show called "Sunday Conversations". They are a great complement to the solo, shorter format.

In these value-jammed interviews with experts, I have in-depth conversations with people that embody a skill set that I lack.  I've talked with professional speakers, coaches, copywriters, community managers, operations experts, profitability coaches and you could be next!

Click the button below to apply, and if you're chosen I'll send you a booking link to get on the calendar!

- Cody
Cody Builds a Business, hosted by me, Cody Burch, tracks my journey from completely unknown digital-agency-owner to a 7-figure online business. It is a crazy journey, and at times I feel like giving up... but I'm pushing through.

And I'm documenting every step of the journey here. Thanks for joining me!
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