Master Your Funnels + Ads Marketing

And have fun doing it.

The FAM is brought to you by Cody Burch, creator of the following marketing and advertising movements:

The FAM is an exclusive membership for Online Experts, where results like this are typical:

The FAM Is An Online Membership And Mentorship Program For Online Experts Who Want To:
  • Grow a business using paid traffic and funnels
  • Level up their online marketing game
  • ​Consistently make great offers to their desired audience
  • ​Nurture those that don't buy (yet)
  • ​Ethically market their business (and sleep great at night)
  • ​Get ongoing expert feedback and support
  • ​Add a heap of goodwill and results to their tribe
"The FAM is priceless and needed for anyone serious about upleveling their online business."
When it comes to marketing your business online, there's no "magic solution".

The truth is... it's hard to consistently win with ads and funnels.

And, despite what other programs / marketers will tell you, there is no way to guarantee a victory.

But, you can join the community that will give you a better shot.

Ethically growing your business with Funnels and Ads takes work, but it is a problem worth figuring out so you can reach those you feel called to serve and make progress towards your goals.

Together.  In The FAM.
Introducing... The FAM (Funnels + Ads Mastery)
Years ago I started the One Hour Funnel movement to help online experts take back control of the lifeblood of their business:

Their marketing.

I wrote books, created free courses, PDFs, and trainings...
No more expensive agencies... 

No more outsourcing your marketing to someone across the country (or the planet)... 

No more stalling out of fear or confusion...

I'm here to squash discouragement and empower people to reach those they feel called to serve with the power of direct-response marketing and advertising.

And The FAM (which stands for Funnels & Ads Mastery) is here to help. The FAM is an exclusive membership community where online experts can master the art of funnels and ads. 

Don't Go Alone. Join The FAM 👇
The FAM is For You If...
  • You use the internet to promote your business 
  • ​You use Facebook ads to get leads and sales (or want to know how)
  • You have an idea for a product or service and you're not sure how to get started
  • ​You want to "own" your marketing and not outsource it to an agency
  • You'd be comforted by brainstorming with a group of professionals before you launch your next promo
  • ​You've ever participated in "Facebook Philanthropy" and you want to stop
  • You get nervous before you market your business (email, ads, funnels) and want to run it by someone before launching
  • ​You want to finally master the power of funnels and ads 
  • ​You're not sure how to get started with funnels or ads
  • ​You want to stay on the forefront of "what's working now" with direct response marketing.
  • You are a curious learner and quick to implement and contribute.
If any of the above is true... then The FAM is for you.
Here's Exactly What You Get In The FAM

Unlimited Funnel + Ad Feedback

This is the cornerstone of success in The FAM. 

Whenever you have a new piece of ad copy, a funnel page, sales page, email sequence (or any piece of copy...) just post it in the group and Cody will shoot you a video with feedback on how to make it better!

Monthly AMA (Ask-Me-Anything)

Got a question about your offer? An upcoming promotion? An agency client? 

Join the monthly AMA with Cody... nothing is off limits!

1:1 Kickstart Call with Cody

Immediately after joining you'll receive instructions on how to book a personal Zoom call with Cody.

On the call, you'll discuss your current business and your next priorities and get personalized coaching and support.

Funnel Deep-Dive (1 per month)

Feeling extra stuck? Apply for a Funnel Deep Dive session!

Cody will select 1 FAM member per month and go through your ENTIRE sales system (ads, funnels and emails) and identify opportunities to improve your funnel... from top to bottom.

1 Ticket to FAMCON2020

Select either a free general admission ticket (monthly members) or a VIP ticket (annual members) and join other FAM Members for FAMCON2020.

Dates: June 11-13th, 2020 in downtown Denver, CO

Guest Expert Ask-Me-Anythings

Each month Cody invites one of his interesting friends to host a training and answer your questions.

Past experts: Jon Cook (Copywriting), Anthony Hall (Sales) and Adam Erhart (YouTube).

Past Guest Experts:

Jon Cook
Adam Erhart
Anthony Hall
Here's exactly what it looks like when you join The FAM
Behind the scenes of The FAM

(yes, there are some awesome things happening in The FAM)

But Don't Take My Word For It...

☝️☝️ Lots of kind words about the results in The FAM. ☝️☝️

☝️☝️ This FAM Member filled her first ever online program and is "just scratching the surface!" ☝️☝️

Meet Jill...

Jill has a really cool health coaching business.

She joined The FAM in August 2019 and booked her 30 minute kickstart call. 

On the call we talked about her program, and how well it worked for the people she served. She was planning on re-opening her program in Jan 2020 but we devised a game plan for her to reopen it in Fall 2019.

Then a few weeks later...

Jill posted this in the group. 

Isn't that awesome?!

I'm not going to divulge what this meant to her in terms of income but it payed for her membership in The FAM for years to come!
And in June we all gather together for the live experience of the summer: 
June 11-13th, 2020
Denver, CO. The Source Hotel

The 5 Stages of Online Marketing Success

(A.K.A. The FAM Success Path)

Stage 1: Market

Learn how to vibrantly explain your target market to a stranger in vivid detail.

Stage 2: Offers

Package what your audience wants in an irresistible way over and over again.

Stage 3: Funnels

Confidently and effortlessly create sales systems (Funnels) to convert traffic and attention to leads and sales.

Stage 4: Traffic

Find your exact target market on Facebook and create compelling ads that bring your audience to your offer like a moth to flame.

Stage 5: Nurture

Communicate meaningful and engaging content to our list on a consistent basis to build know, like, and trust.

In The FAM, you'll get support in these 5 areas with ongoing training, support, templates, coaching and mentorship.

Here's What You Get When You Join The FAM
FAM Monthly membership - most flexible
Billed monthly, no set up fee.
  • Unlimited Funnel/Ad Feedback
  • Monthly Group Ask-Me-Anything (AMA) with Cody 
  • Monthly Ask-Me-Anything with Special Experts
  • Monthly Funnel Deep Dive
  • Weekly Video Trainings
  • Bonus: 30 Min Kickstart Call with Cody
  • Bonus: 1 Ticket to FAMCON2020 ($197 Value)
  • Bonus: One Hour Funnel Book + Audiobook
  • Bonus: One Hour Funnel Template Library
FAM Annual membership - best deal
Billed annually, no set up fee.
  • Unlimited Funnel/Ad Feedback
  • Monthly Group Ask-Me-Anything (AMA) with Cody 
  • Monthly Ask-Me-Anything with Special Experts
  • Priority Access to Monthly Funnel Deep Dive
  • Weekly Video Trainings
  • Bonus: 1 VIP Ticket to FAMCON2020 ($597 Value)
  • Bonus: One Hour Funnel Book + Audiobook
  • Bonus: One Hour Funnel Template Library
  • Annual Bonus: 60 Min Kickstart Call with Cody
  • Annual Bonus: One Hour Funnel Online Course
  • Annual Bonus: One Hour Ads Online Course
Hey! My name is Cody Burch
In 2017 I ditched my comfy 6-figure job in pursuit of entrepreneurial legacy. My goal is to help online businesses own their marketing, and experience growth on-demand using sales funnels and ads. 

By day I run a boutique digital agency, Red Anchor Marketing, and by night I document the tumultuous journey on my podcast, Cody Builds a Business. 

I'm most famous for helping course creators, coaches, and speakers scale their businesses with online marketing campaigns (including one client who recently experienced nearly a 30:1 return on ad-spend).

I left the red dirt hills of Oklahoma to the Rocky Mountains of Colorado Springs in 2004 with my wife Christy and our 3 strapping sons, Jacob, Luke, and Ben and his lazy, retired racing greyhound, Zeke.
STEP 1: Personal Information
Shipping Address
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Credit Card Number:
CVC Code:
Expiry Month:
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$97 every month
$970 every year
**Both membership levels renew at this special price for as long as you’re an active member of the FAM and still in good standing. If you cancel and rejoin you’ll be subject to the new, higher price.
Questions? Text me at 719-210-0591
Frequently Asked Questions
What results should I expect from taking this course?
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What results should I expect from taking this course?
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What results should I expect from taking this course?
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30 Day Money Back Guarantee
Why are you putting this together?
When I founded "One Hour Funnel" in 2017 I wanted people to "own" their marketing (not avoid it and not rent it from an expensive agency).

So I wrote a book, hosted 2 live events (and counting), and kept getting hundreds of thousands of leads and sales in my private client work.

But over time I get more requests to "pick my brain" or "kick around some ideas" than I have time to adequately serve. 

In August 2019 I opened up the FAM as an experiment and quite frankly it went way better than I thought it would. People loved it.

Now I'll open for enrollment a few times a year.
What does "FAM" stand for?
Funnels + Ads Mastery. 

If you're in business you have products, services and offers. And if you have a product you have a funnel and the funnel needs traffic. 
How long have you been at this?
I got the digital marketing bug in 2012 following the Traffic & Conversion Summit. From there I got a bunch of certifications in all aspects of DM and have spent near 1 million dollars in my private agency work, generating hundreds of thousands of leads and millions in sales. 

Since opening The FAM in August 2019 (and again in October 2019) it has been incredibly fulfilling and fun. The results that FAM members are getting are beyond my wildest expectations.
If I miss out now, when will I have another chance to join?
If you miss out on this enrollment period you'll have to wait. The FAM only opens a few times a year and I'm not sure when I will re-open it.
Cool. When can I sign up?

Enrollment closes 2/13/2020 at 11:59pm MDT. 

If you miss this window you'll have to wait till later in 2020 to join. Don't wait. Sign up now and get the confidence you need.
When is the live event?
The monthly plan includes a standard level ticket ($197 value).

Annual plan includes a VIP ticket ($597 value).

The event is in Denver, CO from June 11-13th, 2020.
What industries does this work for?
If you use the internet to sell stuff (even if you're driving traffic to a brick & mortar store) then The FAM is for you. 

I can't think of a business that would not benefit from the concepts and community found in The FAM.  I tried, but couldn't come up with anything.
Questions? Text me at 719-210-0591
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