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The FAM Is An Online Membership And Mentorship Program For Online Experts Who Want To:
  • Grow a business using paid traffic and funnels
  • Level up their online marketing game
  • ​Consistently make great offers to their desired audience
  • ​Nurture those that don't buy (yet)
  • ​Ethically market their business (and sleep great at night)
  • ​Get ongoing expert feedback and support
  • ​Add a heap of goodwill and results to their tribe
Here's Exactly What You Get In The FAM

Unlimited Funnel + Ad Feedback

This is the cornerstone of success in The FAM. 

Whenever you have a new piece of ad copy, a funnel page, sales page, email sequence (or any piece of copy...) just post it in the group and Cody will shoot you a video with feedback on how to make it better!

Monthly AMA (Ask-Me-Anything)

Got a question about your offer? An upcoming promotion? An agency client? 

Join the monthly AMA with Cody... nothing is off limits!

1:1 Kickstart Call with Cody

Immediately after joining you'll receive instructions on how to book a personal Zoom call with Cody.

On the call, you'll discuss your current business and your next priorities and get personalized coaching and support.

Funnel Deep-Dive (1 per month)

Feeling extra stuck? Apply for a Funnel Deep Dive session!

Cody will select 1 FAM member per month and go through your ENTIRE sales system (ads, funnels and emails) and identify opportunities to improve your funnel... from top to bottom.

1 Ticket to FAMCON2020

Select either a free general admission ticket (monthly members) or a VIP ticket (annual members) and join other FAM Members for FAMCON2020.

Dates: June 11-13th, 2020 in downtown Denver, CO

Guest Expert Ask-Me-Anythings

Each month Cody invites one of his interesting friends to host a training and answer your questions.

Past experts: Jon Cook (Copywriting), Anthony Hall (Sales) and Adam Erhart (YouTube).

Past Guest Experts:

Jon Cook
Adam Erhart
Anthony Hall

The 5 Stages of Online Marketing Success

(A.K.A. The FAM Success Path)

Stage 1: Market

Learn how to vibrantly explain your target market to a stranger in vivid detail.

Stage 2: Offers

Package what your audience wants in an irresistible way over and over again.

Stage 3: Funnels

Confidently and effortlessly create sales systems (Funnels) to convert traffic and attention to leads and sales.

Stage 4: Traffic

Find your exact target market on Facebook and create compelling ads that bring your audience to your offer like a moth to flame.

Stage 5: Nurture

Communicate meaningful and engaging content to our list on a consistent basis to build know, like, and trust.

In The FAM, you'll get support in these 5 areas with ongoing training, support, templates, coaching and mentorship.

The FAM is For You If...
  • You use the internet to promote your business 
  • ​You use Facebook ads to get leads and sales (or want to know how)
  • You have an idea for a product or service and you're not sure how to get started
  • ​You want to "own" your marketing and not outsource it to an agency
  • ​You'd be comforted by brainstorming with a group of professionals before you launch your next promo
  • ​You've ever participated in "Facebook Philanthropy" and you want to stop
  • ​You get nervous before you market your business (email, ads, funnels) and want to run it by someone before launching
  • ​You want to finally master the power of funnels and ads 
  • ​You're not sure how to get started with funnels or ads
  • ​You want to stay on the forefront of "what's working now" with direct response marketing.
  • ​You are a curious learner and quick to implement and contribute.
If any of the above is true... then The FAM is for you.
Praise For The FAM:
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